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1920’s make-up and hair

1920’s make-up and hair

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The Art of 1920’s Make-up and Beauty.

Art Deco
Make-up and Beauty

Recently, as a guest at a 1920’s themed wedding reception, I started to piece together the history and creative ideas of this nostalgic swinging period.
This was a glamorous time for ladies, the era of the Flapper, a time when sweet girls could be naughty – at least in the evenings!
Social make-up, dress and dance of the nineteen-twenties played an influential part in lifting the spirits of the world after the atrocities and horrors of the Great War while asserting women’s sense of feminine power.
In Hollywood, stars like Clara Bow created the cupids bow lip.
Eyeliner appeared in the 1920’s, inspired by the huge interest in all things Egyptian, following the archeological discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamen.
Eyebrows, plucked and drawn downward towards the temple, however did not become vogue until the 1930s.
Hair fashion of the period caused great controversy due to radical changes in style. The Castle Bob, or Bob as it was fondly known,was first seen during the war years remained very popular in the twenties. Named after the celebrated glitzy ball room dancer Irena Castle, it’s still with us to this day.
For the wedding I attended, my hair was already in a Bob so that bit was straight forward. A fresh blow dry and the wearing of a headband with diamanté and feather completed the look.
Applying the make up was great fun to do…

The make-up look included:
Mac lipstick in Diva.
Mac Lip pencil in chestnut over entire lip creating the cupid bow.
Airbase perfecting primer
Airbase foundation
Jane Iredale eye brow kit in Brunette,
blusher in Awake, eyeliner in black.
Mascara, Dior Show in black.
Finishing with a light dusting of Airbase HD
Matte powder.

Hope you have enjoyed reading my Blog.


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